1. Articulate and communicate why your business exists beyond just making money. Explain what otherwise unmet needs it fills or what problem it solves, and for whom.


3. Position your business to best respond to the key opportunities and threats posed by the competitive and other forces at play in your industry.


5. Decide on the customers you’ll target and design the combination of outcomes and experiences you’ll deliver that represents unique value in their eyes.


7. Identify and invest in the right physical, intellectual, human and financial resources required to run your operating model in the most efficient and effective way.


2. Review the historic performance of your business and determine the future rate of return required to satisfy your stakeholders.


4. Understand what customers are trying to achieve and what they experience when they search for, buy, use and dispose of the types of products/services you provide.


6. Design an operating model that performs all the activities required to consistently and profitably deliver all elements of your unique value to your target customers.


8. Deploy the right measures, incentives, disciplines and reporting to ensure the effective and consistent implementation of your strategy.

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Solve The Strategy Puzzle™ for your business

A highly practical and participative way to 
review and refine your strategy and build strategic 
capability in your business


Strategy Advice

Advice and support on any aspect of reviewing and refining 
your strategy and designing and implementing 
the blueprint for your business to thrive.

About the Principal


Using his experience as both a business leader and a consultant to many different organisations (with both McKinsey & Co. and on his own), Rory has developed a highly practical and effective approach for businesses to review and refine their strategies.

Solving The Strategy Puzzle provides the blueprint for a business to thrive through the consistent delivery of unique value to its customers.


From the Blog

What do your customers want?

An anecdotal tale is often told that, had he asked them, Henry Ford’s customers would have told him that they wanted faster horses and more comfortable buggies. The truth in this tale is that asking customers directly what they want is not the best way to go about finding the answer to that question.

Many companies say that ‘the customer is #1’ and claim that they ‘listen to’ their customers. But they seldom explore and understand customers’ experiences and needs in the detail required to reveal…

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A puzzle

It’s a puzzle.
Why, if a coherent, well thought out strategy is central to the prosperity of any business, do we find so much dissatisfaction among executives with theirs.
In a recent survey by McKinsey & Co, more than two thirds of 2,135 global executives deemed their strategies a ‘fail’ in a test to assess the strength of those strategies.
I’m not sure I’ve solved the puzzle, but I have a few ideas.
First, the word ‘strategy’ is interpreted in so many different ways. There is thus a lot of…

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